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Led TL Balk

Led TL Balk



Led TL balk dominates the product range. It has a cool white hue of 6400K. It has a warm white hue of 3000K. It has a neutral white hue of 4000 K. There are differences in these three colors. The place and height of use of the product affect these colors. All LED TL products are reliable. It is resistant to heat. They are water resistant products. LED TL buis is produced in T8 model. All are made of aluminum and plastic material. There are different sizes of LED TL VERLICHTING including 60,90,120,150 cm.


All products provide full efficiency with a service life of 25.000 hours. A + energy is one of the products that can be reliable and energy-saving with its consumption. You consume less electricity. You’ll do well to spend less. Compared to the savings made, the price of the bulb is cheaper. You don’t need to wait. You can also experience the advantage of LED. Come to our website for this. Compare the bulb you want. Buy the bulb you want cheap. Investigate color differences, size differences and energy consumption differences. Find the most ideal product for yourself here. Meet the new dimension of energy saving.


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